IIT Madras Online FREE course on "Introduction of Robotics"

IIT Madras Online FREE course on "Introduction of Robotics"


IIT Madras has announced the online course on Introduction to Robotics on the SWAYAM Portal. This is a 12 week-long course and will start on 26 July  2021. This is a completely free course but for the certificate, you need to pay the desire fee (1000apx).



The following candidates can apply for this online course by the IIT Madras.

  • First and second-year students in degree programs including Engineering and Science degree programs.
  • Any engineering discipline and mathematics, Physics.
  • Undergraduate/graduate students interested in robotics



Standard XII in the Science stream 



The following  topic will be covered in this free course on introduction to Robotics.,

  • Introduction to robotics- History, growth; Robot applications- Manufacturing industry, defense, rehabilitation, medical, etc., Laws of Robotics

  • Robot mechanisms; Kinematics- coordinate transformations, DH parameters

  • Forward kinematics, Inverse Kinematics

  • Jacobians, Statics, Trajectory Planning

  •  Actuators (electrical)- DC motors, BLDC servo motors

  • Sensors, sensor integration

  • Control – PWM, joint motion control, feedback control

  • Computed torque control

  • Perception, Localisation and mapping

  • Probabilistic robotics, Path planning, BFS; DFS; Dijkstra; A-star; D-star; Voronoi; Potential Field; Hybrid approaches

  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

  • Introduction to Reinforcement Learning



Last date

The last date to apply for this course is 15 Oct 2021


This is an AICTE approved FDP course

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