WHO | Hiring as National Consultant - Essential Medicine and Health Technology (EMT) - (2302622), Apply by 8 May 2023

WHO | Hiring as National Consultant - Essential Medicine and Health Technology (EMT) - (2302622), Apply by 8 May 2023


WHO is hiring applicants as National Consultants - Essential Medicine and Health Technology (EMT) - (2302622).

This consultancy aims to provide support in the area of essential medicines and health technology (EMT) to the Food and Drug Department and relevant stakeholders in the Ministry of Health (MoH) and beyond with a focus on implementing GPP in private and public sectors and improving the national regulatory system for medicines and medical products.  




In Lao PDR, the Food and Drug Department (FDD), in cooperation with other relevant stakeholders, is responsible for the implementation of the National Medicine Policy.  Also, with the financial support of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Republic of Korea since 2015, FDD and its affiliated stakeholders have implemented the project on strengthening pre-and post-marketing surveillance of medicines and medical products.  During the pandemic, there have been many activities related to COVID-19 responses besides their routine daily activities: issuance of Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics to provide timely access to COVID vaccines and medicines in the country; strengthening Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to improve the quality and safety of medicines (generic medicines) produced locally; development of the Good Hospital Pharmacy Strategy and M&E tools to support for the implementation of the strategy; implementation of Good Pharmacy Practices (GPP) in the private sector; expansion of pharmacovigilance implementation to private sector e.g. pharmacies; and antimicrobial consumption (AMC) monitoring in central and provincial hospitals.  Also, FDD is currently in the process of developing the law on medicinal resources and revising the National Strategy on Traditional Medicine (TM).  Therefore, to support FDD with the implementation of the key activities mentioned above, there is a need for more intensified technical and coordination support between the relevant stakeholders to plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate the activities successfully.




Qualifications required:  

Essential: University degree or higher in medicine, pharmacy, or health-related field.

Desirable: Advanced degree in medicine, pharmacy, or health-related field.

Experience required:

Essential two years of working experience in the field of public health, infectious diseases, and/or pharmacy within a hospital setting and in the regulation of drugs and medical products.

Desirable: Experience in working with government, nongovernment, and/or regional or international organizations.

Skills / Technical skills and knowledge:

  • Knowledge about pharmaceutical areas and antimicrobial consumption.
  • Ability to work independently under pressure and to deliver high-quality work on time.
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to work as a member of a team.
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Good knowledge of standard MS Office applications including MS Excel, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint.

       Language requirements:

  • Good knowledge of English in speaking, reading, and writing
  • Expert knowledge of Lao in speaking, reading, and writing 



The activities of the consultant will include:

  1. Support BFDI to conduct a workshop for the pharmaceutical inspection at the border checkpoint.
  2. Support FDD in the implementation of GPP in the public and private sectors.
  3. Support FDD on AMC monitoring at national and hospital levels. 
  4. Support FDD in the development of a GMP roadmap for the local production of medicines.
  5. Perform all other duties related to EMT program.



Output/s and Deliverables of the consultant will include:

  • Deliverable 1:  GPP training workshops in private pharmacies in selected provinces conducted and written reports provided.
  • Deliverable 2: GPP in health facilities in selected provinces implemented including a training workshop for GPP M&E tools conducted and written workshop reports.  
  • Deliverable 3: Pharmaceutical Inspection workshop at border checkpoint conducted and written reports provided.
  • Deliverable 4:  GMP roadmap for local production of medicines developed in close coordination with FDD, local manufacturers, and relevant development partners with support from WHO Country Office and Regional Office teams.
  • Deliverable 5: AMC data at national and hospitals collected for 2022 and analyzed and AMC report.  
  • Deliverable 6: Monthly reports on other duties related to the EMT program conducted based on requests from MOH and WHO teams.




  • Communicating in a credible and effective way
  • Producing results.
  • Fostering integration and teamwork


Place of assignment:

Based in Vientiane Capital, with travel to provinces as needed.


Medical clearance:




      The consultant is expected to travel on missions as needed.

        All travel arrangements will be made by WHO – WHO will not be responsible for tickets purchased by the Consultant without the express, prior authorization of WHO. While on a mission under the terms of this
        consultancy, the Consultant will receive a subsistence allowance. Visas requirements: it is the consultant’s responsibility to fulfill visa requirements and ask for visa support letter(s) if needed.


Planned timelines:

Start date: 5 June 2023

End date: 30 November 2023



 6 months



Lao People's Democratic Republic-Vientiane



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