Google Meet Vs Microsoft Teams, Basic Difference, Pros and Cons Review

Google Meet Vs Microsoft Teams, Basic Difference, Pros and Cons Review



Now we would like to see that Google meat is the software of Google itself and Microsoft team is the software of MS  means Microsoft so basically Microsoft is operating on a different basis then the Google meet so basically Google meet can be accessed by any group of people but  Microsoft teams can be accessed by a particular organization there are a lot of pros and cons about the Microsoft teams and google meets.


Google Meet

In Google meet we can organize a meeting for different people from the different organization we just have to create a meeting and share the link with the People with, we would like to add them in the meeting but Microsoft teams does not work on this concept.

Microsoft teams

Microsoft teams work only for a single organization it means I am from XYZ college and my college has access to the Microsoft teams so I can organize any meeting in a different Group or a predefined teams we can take online classes and no any other than that organization or means other than XYZ college can not add into that meeting so this is the pro and con as well as for this Microsoft teams.



 there are the following rules for the Microsoft teams let me discuss these pros

  • You can easily search for any people in the organization
  •  you can make your own team
  •  you can organize online classes without any other WhatsApp group or something like that
  •  you can call anyone in that organization by searching his name or Email Id
  •  you can share assignments you can assign something you can take quizzes you can do a lot of thing in the Microsoft team itself
  •  it's spam-free softer it means that nobody other than that organization can enter to that particular meeting



Let me discuss the cons of the Microsoft teams that you were facing after using this software

  •  this is a very heavy software so you need a very good machine to run this software otherwise your device of this software will leg and it will create a lot of frustration for you
  •  you can not host any open or public baby on the software because the only e those can join who belongs to your institution
  • Even if you have a medium machine it will still slow your machine because it's already we mentioned that it's a very heavy software


Google meet

So we already mentioned the pros and cons of the Microsoft teams now we are interested to talk about the pros and cons of the Google meets also if you are reading here so you can also see that pros and cons


  •  no doubt Google meet is the best of software to organize any open  webinar, classes for any set of  crowd
  •  this is a lightweight software or basically, it works on the web page so you don't need to install any other additional files for this you can just use this in your Chrome or any of your browser
  •  it will work fine on the light machines or machines with the lower specification
  •  this is a free software



Now let's discuss the cons of the Google meet software so that you should be knowing about what are the cons of using the Google meet

  •  anyone can create spam on your Google meet its hard to decide that who is joining or who is not like if you are organizing the webinar of hundred people so it's hard to detect that a people coming with that link is belongs to a webinar or not
  • There are a lot of limitations on this you still there are a lot of add-ons but that add-ons are not too good for the online classes for online lectures



 so my final words on the Google meet and Microsoft are both software is perfect for the not exactly perfect but best for the particular set of work if you are organizing online lectures then you should go with the Google meet and if you belong to any organization and you know that you are going to taking the classes for a particular set for a long time and basically it's going to be online classes then it's that Microsoft teams is the best software for you and also we forgot to mention one thing that Microsoft teams is not the free software and Google meet is the free software


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