How to get a course certificate in college? Certificate Importance

How to get a course certificate in college? Certificate Importance


A certificate is a piece of writing that says something is ethical. Almost every college today provides a piece of writing called certificate on completion of a course. This helps a student to show an employer proof of one's ability to do works based on which one gets the job.

Types of certificates

 Certificate can be of two types 
 1.Physical (provided with a piece of paper)
 2.Digital (provided with pdf or image)

The steps might seem so easy to anyone, but the real use of a certificate and the hard work is done for getting it is well known to a student.
Sometimes certificate matters like-two students may be treated as graduates having the same skills. But a graduate from some standard IIT and someone from a local college may be differentiated, based on this a certificate is justified by the college stamp.
 It is okay to go for a certificate to give someone the image of the skills you have but one should be skilled rather than certified to survive in the current world.

Steps to get a course certificate from a college.

Get yourself enrolled in a certificate course in a college
Complete the course with all the assessments and exams required to complete the course.
Wait for the organization to award you with a certificate.




Importance of certificate

Isn't it amazing to make people aware of your abilities with a piece of paper?
Like, spend two years get a diploma certificate, spend 3 years get a Bachelor certificate or spend 4 years get a technical bachelor certificate and so on...
When a student after successful certification shows it to anyone people feel like wow what an easy task just get enrolled, spend some years, write exams, and get certified.
Well, this is not that easy as it seems to be,
In most of the cases, a certificate with good grades is the reflection of hard work, assignments, tensions, and frustrations carried out by a student without any proper guidance and help.
Universities have teachers of 20th-century teaching students of the 21st century with the syllabus of the 18th century.
A guy the last year got a job in an MNC and a strange thing to note is that even the guy was certified with a moderate grade and his friends (superior to him as per mark is concerned) were rejected, the reason being that MNC opted skills, not marks.

Getting good marks can't get your skills good always, one needs to work harder than just writing assignments and exam papers in order to get skilled in any field.
like, suppose you are pursuing a degree for mathematics then apart from whatever the course offers you should build interest in data science, AI, and other necessary fields related to mathematics. even though it is not in your course but to be sure that you are skilled enough to work with any company it is a criterion.

Srinivasa Ramanujan, people say didn't have proper schooling which means had no certificate, but he turned out to be a genius while people like us who are certified properly are also not able to get a little of what he got.
Certificates never give you a job directly it's just a secondary thing.
In a mathematician's word, word certificate is a necessary thing but not the sufficient one to survive in the competitive world.


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