This auto. Machine by MANIT Bhopal will help to wash your hands easily against CORONA

This auto. Machine by MANIT Bhopal will help to wash your hands easily against CORONA


Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Researchers had developed a fully automatic station to wash our hands to fight against the coronavirus. it's a really hard task to follow the  W H O guidelines while washing our hands against coronavirus. This is a fully automatic station that will remind us that we are following the corona guidelines or not. 


This station looks like an ATM machine that has a washbasin there is a smart tab installed in this washbasin with some sensors and a small display on its head.  this display tells us how much time we should spend to wash our hands.

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 MANIT Bhopal tweets about this innovation on their Twitter handle and shared a video of this washing station and mention the few features of this washing station so letters mention that features below,



The capacity of this station is really amazing it can contain 10 liters of soap and a hundred liter of water in it, so this machine can be installed in any of the organizations or institutes so that a huge number of people can use this machine simultaneously without any maintenance or refill.

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This washing station saves water as well as power it uses the battery and Solar both.

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Other features

This automatic washing station gifts and napkin after every hand wash so that nobody will touch the napkin box.  this feature insurance the safety against Corona. the napkin you will get from this machine will be non-touched.

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Automatic hand washing station
1 completely automatic hand washing station with 10 litre soap 100 litre water capacity tank
2 solar as well as battery operated with 6 to 7 hour backup time
3 automatically temperature maintained of storage tank
4 hand dryer with napkin

— MANIT Bhopal (@manitbpl) November 13, 2020


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