NIT Warangal | FDP on Embedded Systems; Apply Now! (Last Date: 10th June 2022)

NIT Warangal | FDP on Embedded Systems; Apply Now! (Last Date: 10th June 2022)


Applicants are invited to the (FDP ) on Embedded Systems organized by NIT Warangal.




Course content:

  • Introduction to Embedded Systems: Hard, Soft, and Firm Embedded Systems. Characteristics of Embedded Systems.
  • Introduction to Computer Architecture: Details of Von-Neumann, Harvard, Super Harvard, VLIW, Super Scalar, SIMD, tightly coupled, and loosely coupled architectures.
  • Instruction Set Architecture: Instruction Pipeline, Data/Control Hazards, Data Hazard Resolution Techniques, Branch Predictors, Dynamic Instruction Scheduling Techniques.
  • ARM 7: Architecture, Arm/Thumb Modes, Instruction Set, Addressing Mode, Simulation using Keil IDE.
  • Cache Memory Organization: Cache Memory Mapping Techniques, Cache Memory Optimization Techniques, Cache Coherence Protocols.
  • Real-Time Operating System (RTOS): Preemptive/non- preemptive Scheduling, Priority Scheduling, Mutex using Semaphore, Inter-task Communication using FIFO, Priority Inversion, freeRTOS Demonstrations using TIVAC LaunchPAD.
  • Hardware-Software Codesign: Trade-offs, Demo using Zed Board with Xilinx Vivado.
  • Computer Bus Standards: I2C, SPI, UART, and so on.
  • Introduction to IoT: Components of IoT, Protocols, and so on.





  • Faculty and Ph.D. students of Engineering Colleges, Degree Colleges.
  • Industry personnel working in the concerned /allied discipline.





  • Faculty and Research Scholars Rs.750/-
  • Industry Participants Rs.2250/-




Important Dates:

  • Start date of online registration--- 15th March 2022
  • Last date of online registration--- 10th June 2022
  • Duration of the FDP 13th – 22nd June 2022



How to apply Apply Here

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