IIT Roorkee Winter Training and Certification Course on Machine Learning using Python

In recent years, Machine learning has emerged as powerful techniques for solving problems involving huge loads of data. Machine Learning algorithms help towards taking a better decision. Machine learning provides algorithms and tools that are useful for solving classification and regression tasks in the supervised learning problems, clustering and frequent pattern mining tasks in unsupervised learning problems, tasks of controlling the behavior of machines in reinforcement learning problems. The whole data analysis process is a cycle of trial and error: design features and clean and normalise the data, reduce input dimensionality if necessary, build the model, evaluate it, and go back to the start. Data Scientist has been named the best job - Forbes Objectives of the Course Provide foundation of Python scripting and its principles. Design and implement of real-world inspired ML algorithms applications. Boost your career prospects through innovative and independent learning. Project work with real life problems (Hand written optical image recognition and Exploratory analysis on Covid 19)). Programme Features 40+ Hours live instructor-led classes. Lectures from IIT Roorkee, Hands-on sessions from industry experts. Career guidance sessions from the experts. Expert talks from industry. 3 hrs of doubt clearing sessions on weekend. Access to learning material and video lectures. Certificates by E&ICT Academy IIT Roorkee. Focus Areas Introduction to packages in Python Tuples, Set, Dictionaries & Functions Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, EDA Supervised Machine Learning Statistics, Hypothesis Testing, Distributions Linear Regression, Logistic Regression Decision Tree, Random Forest Support Vector Machines Heuristic Approaches of Machine Learning Projects and Assignments

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