Sustainable Materials & Resilient Buildings - Philosophy, Design, Implementation, and Performance

About the Short Term Training Program (STTP): The construction industry in India is one of the largest economic activities. As the sector is growing rapidly, preserving the environment poses many challenges. To protect the sustainable ecology of the construction industry, it is required to take a paradigm shift from conventional construction to sustainable construction. In this regard, use of sustainable materials and resilient buildings, which are designed to use less water, improve energy efficiency, conserve natural resources and provide healthier spaces will play a catalytic role in addressing environmental, social and economic issues and concerns. The STTP focuses on the philosophy behind the usage of sustainable materials, life-cycle assessment, benefit-cost analysis, sustainability impact assessment, and resilient infrastructure designs. Registration fee: Free Registration Certificate: E-Certificates will be issued to those participants who attend all the sessions of the program and clear the online exam as per the norms stipulated

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